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You don’t know where to turn when the IRS is coming after you. Or, you aren’t sure what to add to your profits or spending in your financial records and ledgers. You aren’t alone; the assistance that Lavi CPA can provide, will not only help you in the event of an audit during tax season, but the right accountant can also help you with year-round tax and accounting help as well. And, you can work with Lavi CPA for both personal and for business accounting needs, to ensure you properly maintain records of all of your financial records throughout the course of the year.

How a CPA can help you

There are several ways in which Lavi CPA can provide assistance if you need accounting records, help with an audit, or otherwise don’t know what to do with your financial documents. Some things an accounting firm can do for you are

  • Maintain your company or personal records online
  • Keep tabs on spending, income, earnings, and other expenditures for your business or for personal finances
  • Help you in setting up a financial plan to avoid overspending and to ensure your company is financially sound
  • Work with you if you are subject of an audit, to ensure you can prove all expenses and earnings
  • Help you with tax filing, if you only want to work with an accountant once a year during tax season
  • Work with you year-round, or during tax season, based upon your personal or business tax and accounting service needs

Basically, a team of accountants will take hold of your finances for you. They’ll help guide you in spending, where to cut back, how to increase profits, and how to properly maintain files and records. Furthermore, if you require assistance with tax filing, the right accounting team is also going to have the top professional and best experts in the field, who can help ensure the greatest returns when the time comes to file your taxes each year.

You don’t have to try to maintain copies of ledgers in an office cabinet file on your own; let the top professionals do that for you. In addition to their accuracy in accounting, they are also going to maintain your records for several years, to ensure you have proper proof to show the IRS or other taxing federal and state agencies, if your business records are ever requested, for audits or for other purposes.

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