Why You Need the Best Specialist in Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

If you are considering rhinoplasty to achieve your cosmetic goals or for medical purposes ( known as functional rhinoplasty), it’s of the utmost importance to choose a highly experienced and skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon who is respected by patients and peers alike. Rhinoplasty, especially surgical nose job is extremely challenging because form and function are intimately connected in the nose. Finding a superspecialist in rhinoplasty Los Angeles and beyond can give you the much-deserved peace of mind that the surgical or non-surgical nose job will be performed by a trusted rhinoplasty expert with the utmost care.

As an example, a major cosmetic enhancement that involves the nose’s internal structures ( turbinates) but it’s not properly performed could negatively affect nasal breathing. Conversely, certain surgical techniques used for functional nose surgery in particular ( such as to correct enlarged turbinates, deviated septum, nasal fractures, etc.) to improve the patient’s breathing can have undesired effects on appearance, if improperly performed. Therefore, the importance of choosing a top-rated, reputable, and highly experienced plastic surgeon whom you can trust cannot be stressed enough.

In addition to ensuring that the plastic surgeon you choose has the necessary expertise, skills, and experience, you also need to know that the surgeon has an artistic eye as well because rhinoplasty is both science and art. Even if you need to undergo this procedure for medical reasons, special attention should be paid to the procedure’s effects on the patient’s appearance. Be advised that the best specialist rhinoplasty Los Angeles and surrounding areas perform both functional and cosmetic nose job in a manner that enhances the patient’s facial expression and harmony.

A Los Angeles rhinoplasty superspecialist like Dr. Robert Kotler is able to handle any type of rhinoplasty, including the super-challenging ethnic rhinoplasty ( because enhancing one’s appearance while retaining the natural beauty associated with a specific culture is a must). Furthermore, Dr. Kotler does not only deliver the best possible, natural-looking results but also helps you breathe clearly after the procedure by using the Kotler Nasal Airway device, regardless of the type of nose surgery you need. This way, you will breathe with ease right after the procedure and recover a lot faster.

If you’ve decided to get a nose job, whether surgical or non-surgical, and you are looking for the very best specialist in rhinoplasty Los Angeles and beyond to perform the procedure, then do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Kotler by phone (310) 278 8721 or via the online contact form to discuss your specific nose job needs and expectations.

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