Why Do You Need A Lemon Law Attorney?

Why Do You Need A Lemon Law Attorney?

Lemon Law is defined as a new or second-hand vehicle that has a substantial defect and continues to have the issue even after several attempts to repair it. The vehicle must still have a valid warranty and must be at least 30 days or more in repair condition. Some examples that the lemon law applies to are motorcycles, used cars, new cars, and recreational vehicles.

If you ever found out that your car is lemon then follow the correct steps:

  • Determine the warranty coverage
  • Report to the manufacturer about the issue
  • Initiate buyback process
  • check state law and hire a lemon lawyer

Lemon law attorney and why you need them?

lemon law attorneys are individuals who protect the consumers’ rights regarding lemon vehicles and give legal advice on what you should do. You need an attorney in this situation and there are reasons for it.

Save money and time

When a case has been produced it usually needs a lot of time to go through the process before the final verdict. The amount of money and time you will waste is huge and that is why you need a lawyer to represent you. The lawyers will do all the process of going up and down the court, meeting with the manufacturer, and settling the case for you. Your money and time are saved a lot.

Better success rate

Going alone against a big manufacturing company isn’t always a great idea because they have the resources and money to go against you. You will have a better success rate when you have an attorney that represents you. The case will be stronger and the lawyer knows every twist and turns in the case and can win this case easily. If you are in California and want the best attorney, you can always visit this site, jkashanilaw.com, or meet him directly. He is California’s number 1 lawyer with more than 1000 cases won and with a 99% success rate.

Larger settlement

When you don’t understand the law or the process you might still win but the amount of payment might be much lesser than what you had in mind. But a lawyer can reverse it and give you a larger settlement by stating the damage to the car, money wasted, time wasted, physical and mental trauma. Usually, insurance companies will settle for a larger payment when a reputable lawyer represents you.… Read the rest