How Long Does An Employee Have To Seek Medical Attention With A Workers Compensation Claim

Hinden law requires workers to get a compensation insurance policy to take care of them once they get injured in the line of duty. The policy covers the lost wages as well as medical expenses of the injured worker. Once you get injured, it becomes somehow challenging to file for and claim compensation. All this will call for a workers compensation attorney to fight for your rights. The lawyer will ensure you successfully file a claim and get justice within the shortest time possible.

Below are the top reasons to hire workers compensation lawyers.

Evaluating the Claim

This is the first step towards getting justice for an injured worker. The lawyer determines the value of the case using the available evidence and information. The lawyer carefully reviews every aspect in the case and explains the chances of getting compensation from your employer. There are cases involving minor injuries in which a worker rarely gets compensated by an insurance company. A qualified lawyer will identify such cases and save the workers both money and efforts in trying to file for a settlement. On the other hand, a strong case may exist enabling the lawyer to gather enough evidence within the shortest time. 

Filing a Claim

There are workers who are not aware of their rights once they get injured in work. By the time they realize they are eligible for a claim, it’s too late to do anything. This is where you need lawyers to help you file a claim at the early stage. The lawyers will advise you to visit a doctor for a medical report, inform the insurer of the injury and collect the required evidence to support the claim. 

Protecting workers Legal Rights

Once you have been injured, it’s your legal right to get medical attention until you fully recover before you can resume your job. However, insurance adjusters have no interests in your situation and they will everything possible either not to pay or pay a little amount of compensation. That’s the nature of their business and nobody can blame them. This is where an expert lawyer is required to ensure the worker’s rights are not violated by the employer or insurance company. The attorney will also ensure the company gives the required amount of compensation depending on the nature of the injury. Without a lawyer, the insurer takes advantage of your situation to offer … Read the rest